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Kategoria: Windows
Data: 27/06/2016
Rozmiar: 5.26 GB
Seedow: 0
Leecherow: 1


Pobierz Torrent
Release Overview:
Platform: Windows 8.1 x64
Compilation Date: 20.10.2014
Based on Edition: Pro
Based on Update: 1
Automated Installation: Yes
Activation Status: 30-days trial
Kernel Type: Hybrid
Installation Type: BIOS
Digitally Signed for Security: Yes
Product Key: N/A
Size: 3.8GB (Default Image)
Format: ISO Media Image File
Installation Time: 10-15 (Default Image)
Author: Nishant (Reckons International Team)

Minimum System Requirements
[li]1 GB RAM (Recommended 2GB RAM)[/li]
[li]20 GB of HDD space[/li]
[li]128 MB of Graphics Memory[/li]
[li]17’ inch Monitor (1024 x 768)[/li]
[li]DVD-ROM or DVD-RAM[/li]
[li]Pixel Shader 2.0[/li]
[li]Intel or AMD Dual Core Processors[/li]
[li]Active Internet Connection (For online activation)[/li]
Additional Requirements
[li]Windows 8.1 Pro with Update 1 (64-Bit) Untouched VL ISO.[/li]

Note: Start a fresh installation from BIOS and install on a separate. Don't attempt to upgrade any of the previous windows to this release or upgrade this release to windows technical preview.

Note: The system files and images I created for Windows® 8.1 NVIDIA Evolution™ 2016 x64 does not belong to any other person.

Warning: Do not attempt to modify this release in anyway prior to installation and for torrent uploaders, do not add any kind of virus or your group release name.

Features, Updates and Overview of Windows® 8.1 NVIDIA Evolution™ 2016 x64:

* New Window Sounds
* More Stable and Reliable than previous Windows 8.1 Releases
* Windows will tell you exactly what it is doing when it is shutting down or is booting.
* User Account Control (UAC) Disabled
* New look for Windows Media Player
* New Default Theme
* New Default Account Pictures
* File extensions for known file types will be visible by default
* Hidden files will now be visible by default
* Drives with no media will now be visible
* Enabled folder merge conflicts dialog
* Additional Custom Windows 8.1 3rd party themes
* Add command prompt to right click context menu
* Maximum Simultaneous Downloads for Internet Explorer to 20 (Default was 2 )
* Enabled DirectX Video Acceleration in Windows Media Player
* Disabled Auto Rip disc when inserted in Windows Media Player
* Enabled Auto Eject disc when ripping is completed
* Disabled deleting files from computer when deleted in library in Windows Media Player
* Disabled Auto Add Played Media files
* Enabled Advanced Option in Monitor Folders in Windows Media Player
* Disabled deleting contents from devices when deleting playlist in Windows Media Player
* Enabled ClearType Tuning
* Added 'Copy to Folder' to right click context
* Added 'Move to Folder' to right click context
* Default Windows 8.1 theme is now available even after installation
* Enabled Search in system folders
* Disabled the NTFS Last Access Time Stamp (speeds up viewing folders in ntfs)
* Disabled kernel paging* Optimize Core System Performance
* Disabled kernel paging* Optimize Core System Performance
* Disabled 8.3 names in NTFS
* Fully Automated Windows setup
* Disabled Low disk space checks
* Faster Shutdown
* Added 'Open With Notepad' to right click context
* Disabled StickyKeys Keyboard shortcut (Popups up when pressing SHIFT key five times).
* Disabled FilterKeys Keyboard shortcut (Popups up when pressing SHIFT key eight seconds).
* Disabled ToggleKeys Keyboard shortcut (Popups up when pressing NUM LOCK key five seconds).
* Disabled Windows Media Player AutoUpdates
* Disabled start menu baloon tips
* Added Device Manager to My Computer Context Menu
* Added Group Policy Editor to My Computer Context Menu
* Added Registry Editor to My Computer Context Menu
* Added Task Manager to My Computer Context Menu
* Added Services to My Computer Context Menu
* Enabled Power Down After Shutdown
* Added Administrative Tools in My Computer
* Added Recycle Bin in My Computer
* Added Run in My Computer
* Added Search in My Computer
* Added Windows Update in My Computer
* Added Device Manager in My Computer
* Desktop Icons will be available on first Logon (Documents, This PC, Recycle Bin and Control Panel)
* Added Defragment in Drive Context Menu
* Added Group Polic yEditor in Control Panel
* Added Registry Editor in Control Panel
* Added Register & Un-Register to the context menu for .dll files.
* Added Register & Un-Register to the context menu for .ocx and .ax files.
* Improved Thumbnail Quality
* Added DirectX Diagnostic Tool To Control Panel
* Enabled hidden window features
* Disabled Automatic Restart on BSOD
* Windows Installer will use logging (Complete logging)
* Windows evaluates file extensions on the first three characters
* It will show hidden Devices in Device Manager
* Removed Hidden Scheduled Tasks in the Network Share
* Hidden Printers and Faxes in the Network Share
* Disabled Default Hidden Shares
* Enabled details pane in all windows
* DirectX is updated to latest version
* Windows Update will Notify you about the updates but will not download unless you start downloading
* Enabled All users to download and install Windows Updates.
* Disabled Automatic System Reboot after Windows Updates has been installed.
* Enabled display for .pif (DOS Shortcut) file extension.
* Enabled display for .scf (Explorer Command) file extension.
* Enabled display for .shb (Document Shortcut) file extension.
* Enabled display for .shs (Shell Scrap Object) file extension.
* Enabled display for .url (Internet Shortcut) file extension.
* Windows will force to unload DDL from memory.
* Better memory usage like Google Chrome for responsive window (Requires at least 3GB of RAM)
* 16-bit Applications in a separate memory space
* Boot files to be placed optimally on the hard-drive for faster boots.
* Added Take Ownership in right-click context menu
* Windows will specifie the time, following user input, during which the system keeps apps from moving into the foreground
* Notepad will save window position
* Enhanced gaming performance for any NVIDIA Graphics card released before or in 2011 only.
* Command Prompt text colour is white now
* Added God Mode in Desktop Context Menu
* Added Task Manager in Desktop Context Menu
* Added Registry Editor in Desktop Context Menu
* Details pane will be at the top now
* Windows 7 like Grouping in This PC
* Disabled Ribbon from Window Explorer
* All inbuilt metro applications are removed
* Enabled startup window sounds
* Applications will be more responsive on systems with less than 2GB of RAM
* Enabled Recent Documents in Start Menu
* Enabled Administrative Tools in Start Menu and in All Programs
* Disabled auto search for LAN folders/printers
* Increased Network Throughput
* Increased RPC Packet Size
* Improved system copying speed of files on systems with RAM memory of less than 3GB
* Improved system reliabity while playing HD games
* "Run" will be available in Start Menu
* Optimized System Resource Usage when idle
* Fixed general system errors which occurred only after updates
* Removed "Up arrow" button from window explorer
* Large Icons in Control Panel
* Windows 7 like Window Explorer
* Disabled Microsoft Accounts requirement for Windows Store
* Added common desktop Icons (This PC, Control Panel, User Folder and Network)
* Windows will prevent cursors to change when using custom visual style.
* Windows will prevent system icons to change when using custom visual style.
* Control Panel are now in large icons view instead of category view.
* Fixed: Black Screen occurs in rare cases where the theme is not ported properly to Windows 8.1
* Fixed: CPU load spikes in Task Manager

Included Programs:
[li]Mozilla Firefox 33[/li]
[li]WinRAR (Trial)[/li]
[li]K-Lite Mega Codec Package[/li]
[li]VLC Media Player[/li]
Windows Activation:
[li]If you have Windows 8.1 Pro product key, use it or get/purchase it online.[/li]
[li]Do not ask for any cracks or patches in our forums.[/li]
Frequently Asked Questions:
1.) I cannot read clearly anything in the title bar of some window for some reason. How to fix it?
A.) Windows 8.1 came with a strange issue (perhaps a limitation on purpose like always) which makes custom visual styles have issues. To fix it, you will need to download and install AeroGlass by BigMuscle.

2.) I get weird looking menu in Taskbar. How to fix it?
A.) Make sure you have installed StartIsBack.

3.) Windows is not activated, why?
A.) We are not creating any pre-activated windows releases anymore. Please use a genuine product key to show support to Microsoft or find other way ;).

4.) Why are there no drivers integrated by default?
A.) No drivers were integrated on purpose. If you want to integrate any amount of drivers, Create a folder under C:eckonsteamdrivers and copy each of your driver into a seperate folder.

5.) Why are there no updates integrated by default?
A.) No updates were integrated on purpose due to old updates gets removed or a new update comes after every few week and causes damage to customized system files. You can integrate custom updates by copying all of the updates (msu format only) to C:eckonsteamupdates folder.
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