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Rosa Desktop Fresh R1

Kategoria: Linux
Wystawil:  Anonimowy
Data: 09/06/2013
Rozmiar: 1.49 GB
Seedow: 0
Leecherow: 0


Pobierz Torrent
ROSA is glad to announce a new release of its distribution for the Linux community - ROSA Desktop Fresh R1.

ROSA Desktop Fresh R1 is a new name distributions based on the ROSA Fresh platform. The ?R? series is targeted at advanced users and enthusiasts who will appreciate rich functionality and freshness of distribution components without serious loss of quality. This series is developed by ROSA with significant help of community. Users of ROSA Desktop Fresh 2012 are able to update their systems to ROSA Desktop Fresh R1 using official update mechanisms.

The new version has a set of important new features:

Windows Azure and Hyper-V Support

Microsoft Hyper-V support allows to deploy ROSA in public Microsoft Azure cloud data centers and private clouds used to organize virtual workstations. In the nearest future images that can be used to deploy ROSA in Azure ?out of the box? will be published at VM Depot.

Steam Support

Possibility to connect the game service and get access to a large variety of high-quality Linux games. Steam requires proprietary NVIDIA or AMD video drivers.

Desktop Environment:

  Thanks to new rasterizer from Adobe and Google, font smoothing has been improved significantly.

  ROSA graphical theme has got a lot of modifications, including new decoration for window titles (with \"shadow\" support), renewed set of widgets included in RocketBar by default, brand-name ROSA Elementary theme for Chromuim/Google Chrome and updated QgtkStyleAlt theme engine with several bug fixes.

  The primary desktop environment - KDE - has been updated to version 4.10.3 (the freshest one as of the end of the May, 2013). Besides the update itself, several issues have been fixed (including some upstream problems and regressions). Several localization issues have been fixed, as well.

Updated versions of the system with Gnome and LXDE desktop environments will be presented later.

Further development of ROSA brand-name applications and tools:

  TimeFrame is now able to show video directly in the preview window.

  TimeFrame is now integrated with KLook.

  A new widget \"All desktops\" (Expo) has been added to RocketBar which displays all user desktops in a single grid. Number of virtual desktops available for user right after installation is increased from one to four.

ROSA Desktop Fresh R1 includes the new version of ROSA Media Player - 1.6 - with the following improvements:

  Complete integration with YouTube, including video search, possibility to choose stream quality, etc.

  Possibility to record presentation from display and add audio from microphone or line-in.

  Improved IPTV support;

  DVD menu support;

  Significantly renewed module responsible for Internet browsing.

User-level Software Updates

Major user-level applications have been updated to the latest stable versions:

  Libreoffice - 3.6.6

  Firefox - 21

  Thunderbird - 17.0.5

  Chromium 27

System part

  Kernel has been updated to 3.8.12

  Added patches for X-Server 1.13.3 to improve monitor detection

  Video drivers have been updated - Intel up to version 2.21.6, NVIDIA - 319.17 and NVIDIA304 304.88 (for cards prior to 8xxx), AMD Catalyst (fglrx) - 13.4

  NetworkManager has been updated to the freshest version 0.98

  System installer has got a new slide show
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